Solutions to drive digital transformation in any sector
Energía e Industria


Innovation is the driver to accelerate digitisation in the energy and industry sectors. CoComm’s global solutions are designed to improve productivity through connectivity.

With mobile and flexible equipment, companies can now boost communication between station and headquarters, even from areas where fibre doesn´t reach, such as in the construction sector, where mobile communication is critical, or isolated platforms in areas where fibre doesn´t reach.



Connectivity and technological innovation are key to boost retailers’ competitiveness. Devices allow building an effective communication network capable of improving the customer experience and evolving at the pace of new demands.

CoComm devices offer everything from total mobility in logistics and warehouses to voice and data services for small businesses.

Finanzas y Seguros


Digitalisation is a differential value, both for financial institutions and in the world of insurance. The scalability and deployment capacity of all terminals brings this type of solution to any location, quickly and easily.

CoComm’s hybrid devices are designed to guarantee secure and reliable connectivity in multi-site environments. That’s why banks are one of our main customers.



Remote healthcare services are now a reality to improve patient care, reduce costs and integrate new solutions, for example for rural areas. Thanks to telemedicine and telecare, remote and instant consultations are now possible.

With the latest features such as video conferencing or tablet touch screens, the devices are integrated as a communication tool for medical services, as they can also connect to the entire IoT dedicated to the healthcare sector and bring coverage to the so-called white areas.



Digital transformation has become a basic element to offer competitive and quality services. CoComm’s devices adapt to the needs of business deployment to include communication and connectivity solutions without limits.

In the world of hotels, catering, temporary events or even call centres, digital and 100% mobile services are a valuable element to improve both the customer and employee experience, improving employee productivity.



Every project is unique: discover how we have integrated our universal solutions.


Telehealth and telecare

Latest F900 range of equipment for telemedicine and telecare services within urban and rural areas.

Solution for multi-site environments

Deployment of devices to connect more than 400 offices of one of our main customers.

Soluciones-caso de éxito

Digitalisation in Latin America

Project with Latin America’s leading operator to bridge the digital divide and boost business and residential competitiveness in the region.