Quality Policy

Mission, Vision, Values and Quality Policy:

Mission: the reason for being of the company

To transform the lives of millions of people around the world by providing them with voice and data connectivity through wireless devices. To become a social impact company.

Vision: What the company wants to be

To be the world’s largest manufacturer of wireless solutions for the carrier channel.

Values that identify the company

Speed, ability to adapt to technological changes and to the context, focus on making innovation and technology our main lever for change, with orientation towards our clients, ethics, honesty and respect for the environment, people and business.


The Policy of CO-COMM SERVICIOS TELECOMUNICACIONES S.L. (hereinafter COCOMM), as a company dedicated to the commercialisation of electronic and telecommunications equipment, has as its main objective to provide its customers with quality services that meet the current and mutually agreed requirements, providing real solutions to specific problems.

Quality is a commitment of the organisation and an individual responsibility of each member of the collective, which must be translated into concrete actions that reflect internally and externally an image of COCOMM, which is identified with professionalism and quality of service.

That is why we focus our actions on:

  • EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Constantly monitor that we meet with customer demands and expectations at all times, improving customer satisfaction.
  • ENSURING LEGAL COMPLIANCE By complying with the legislation that affects our products/services, as well as applicable environmental legislation.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Complying with the environmental commitments we sign up to and the prevention of pollution.
  • PROVIDE RESOURCES: Provide adequate means for all staff to freely identify and remove obstacles to improving the Quality of their work.
  • ENCOURAGE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: To consider the continuous improvement of quality and environmental performance as a permanent objective, which increases the quality perceived by our customers and the commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • SYSTEMISING PROCESSES: Systematising processes, services and action methodologies.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Involvement of new technologies in our services.
  • GEOGRAPHIC EXPANSION: To make the company known in increasingly wider territorial areas.
  • PREVENT ERRORS Correct those non-conformities that occur, but put emphasis on prevention to avoid repetition.
  • FULFILLMENT OF DEADLINES: Considering the execution of order deadlines, punctuality and maintaining trust between our customers and suppliers as key points in the daily management of the Company.
  • INNOVATION Maintain a high level of innovation in the development and manufacturing of its products, within the framework of a permanent system of continuous improvement.
  • TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISATION Promote the necessary training to get a highly qualified staff.
  • STAFF PARTICIPATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Encourage a participative atmosphere among employees, integrating them in the common goal and improving communications that facilitate teamwork, individual recognition and suggestions for improvement.

This Management System Policy will serve as a framework for the establishment of the annual objectives, and for their revision. It shall be reviewed periodically in order to verify that it is in line with the Company’s actual way of operating.