Flexible, scalable, wireless communication and connectivity for all types of professional environments.


CoComm’s hybrid technology allows operators to include new flexible solutions to reach all types of customers and environments.

Without costly installation and maintenance requirements, operators can integrate the devices into packages for enterprises that embrace new connectivity models.



The future of business involves the digital workplace and flexible offices. CoComm equipment adapts to the needs of mobility and teleworking to promote hybrid jobs, more connected and accessible.

The devices make it possible to digitalise SMEs and large corporations with 100% mobile technology. Because Smart Working means that connectivity can grow in a scalable way at the same pace as companies.



Public administrations are living a digital revolution, the technology capable of changing the relationship between the Administration and citizens is already a reality. Connectivity solutions that make it possible to provide services in a faster, more scalable and secure way, in a sector in which the privacy of confidential data is key.

Phones with the body of a desktop and the soul of a mobile phone that respond to the connectivity needs shared by administrations and citizens. A new model of digital governance is the present and the future to make the public sector more efficient, accessible and closer.



Every project is unique: discover how we have integrated our universal solutions.


Telehealth and telecare

Latest F900 range of equipment for telemedicine and telecare services in urban and rural areas.

Solution for multi-site environments

Deployment of devices to connect more than 400 offices of one of our main customers.

Soluciones-caso de éxito

Digitalisation in Latin America

Project with Latin America’s leading operator to bridge the digital divide and boost business and residential competitiveness in the region.